The Lord answered me and, said, ''Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that read it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry wait for it; because it will, surely come, it will not tarry" . Habakkuk 2:2-3


Grace Cathedral is a God-centered, purpose driven, multi-dimensional ministry. Its mandate, is to ''Reaching the Lost at any Cost. To do this, we must arm ourselves for this task by work, preparation, excellence and integrity. We must reach the world by reaching homes, neighborhoods, communities, our city, county, state, region, and the kingdom globally.


The purpose of this ministry is to equip the believer for quality service for the kingdom.

This is done through Bible study, prayer, the assembling of ourselves together to hear the word of God preached and taught, to develop Godly principals, to produce God fearing, spirit led believers and to effectively promote the cause of Christ.. This is the first step to realizing this great vision.

Total Vision

The vision that God has given Apostle Sammy C. Smith is to pastor thousands, evangelize millions, and reach billions. This is not a small vision by any means. We are to have proper facilities to house all of the outreach.

Ministry of Help

Job Location Agency will provide job training, application and resume preparation. The ministry will be staffed with highly trained employees.

Feeding and Clothing Facility: This facility will be able to provide clothing and food for the hungry. Special emphasis will be to those who have been overlooked and lost in the system

Home for Battered and Unwed Mother: This home will house unwed mothers and their children. Trained personnel will be available to minister to the needs of these women. There will also be a twenty-four hour crisis hotline with trained staff to minister to those women who call.

Single Parent Ministry: Ministry oriented and trained personnel will be available to counsel single parents.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Counselors will be available to minister to the needs of persons afflicted by alcoholism and drugs

Homeless Shelter and Housing 'Referral: -The ministry will own and operate apartment complexes and shelters for the destitute and battered. Trained staff will be available to assist and provide them with alternate ways of dealing with problems in society. Offices will be located with tour facilities, along with personnel.


Grace Cathedral Christian Academy: This academy will be from kindergarten through twelfth grade. This will be an accredited Christian Academy with the state-of-the-art equipment, including computer center, etc. Qualified staff will be available to instruct our students.

Day Care Center: This center will be available for infants through elementary school children. After school care will also be provided. A full tutorial program will be implemented to assist our students.

Family Life Center-This center provide sports such as baseball, basketball, football, etc. The facility will also included a gym and weight training room. Trained personnel: will be expected to complete the orientation developmental training provided by the ministry.

Library and Bookstore-A full service library and bookstore along with research and reference materials.

Financial Development Services

A NCUSIF insured Christian Credit Union will be established for banking purposes and will be a lending institution to members only. Budgeting and credit counseling services will also be available.

Radio and Television Ministry

Twenty-four hour radio and satellite television will be operated by the ministry along with a twenty-four hour call in prayer line with trained Christian Counselors.

Grace Hall

A mall owned and operated by Grace Cathedral will contain restaurants and retail stores for the conveniences of our supporters.

Transportation Ministry

We plan to purchase a full size charter bus and a number of 15 passenger vans. We currently have a 24-passenger bus and three 15 passenger vans.

This vision was revealed to the Pastor and founder of the Grace Cathedral Ministries. We pray that those who read it will run with it.

Thank you for continually keeping us in your prayers. God Bless You.

Respectfully submitted
Sammy C. Smith
Founder and Pastor
Grace Cathedral Ministries

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