On behalf of Bishop Anthony Gibson, a spiritual giant within the Kingdom of God, and Chaste'y R. Gibson, our First Lady, Welcome!!!.

 You are cordially invited to worship God with us in spirit and truth. We ask that you surrender your mind, heart, and personal schedule as they may be interrupted by God's plan for you. God ushers in a new spiritual wind that He alone has supernatural power to fulfill.

The Lord ignites a fresh Word daily that brings forth an outpour of the Holy Spirit. This outpour brings to your daily life purpose, which enhances an enjoyable and exceedingly abundant lifestyle.

In the Lord's Presence, you are provoked to receive God's ideas which gives you power to obtain wealth and health, which is in contrast to being unhealthy and living in an impoverished state of mind.

Once again, welcome to Grace Cathedral Ministries website, the city of Sumter, The county, the state, the southeastern region, the nation, and the international kingdom worldwide. A place where your worship experience will be incomparable to where you are in your faith, regardless of your cultural, religious, and socioeconomic status.  "You can take your faith to another level in the Lord's presence with us."

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Grace Cathedral Ministries  Sumter
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